Out of body experience:Your call.
All thought I not sure what this even mean I will let you the reader decide . Here is another true look into my life. Well after a long day. I got my bath went to the kitchen and got some cold water. Upon finish my water I laid down to rest. Guess I fell asleep. Rather it was a dream or what some refer to as a out of body experience .I was about to turn this corner. I don’t remember just how this started out .The only clear part was when I was walking up some winding stair .These stair was set around this perfect white beam of light. This light was peaceful it had a perfect circle within this circle was item‘s which was clear yet I could see them. They was going up and down never bumping into one another .Yet they seem as if they was at a race, because they move gracefully with speed like never before as if they had a mission to accomplish. Seen like they had to be on time where ever they were going. Now this light had motion also it too move up and down yet still That is the only way I can explain what was before me .Well as I am proceeding to climb these winding stair. I notice that as I place my foot on one of these stairs that the other behind me would disappear. Which left me no choice but to continue on the way up I still can see my self trying to peek around these winding stair The surrounding was as if I was out in the open space There was peace and the feeling of love surround me . I was not afraid but curious about where these stair was heading. I don’t recall if I finish my way up theses stair's. I do remember reading about some winding stair in the Bible. Not saying that I have this vision and that this was from there I don’t know Yet that was the closest to reality I can relate too, So rather it was jus a dream or a out of body experience I will let you the reader be the judge. I was told that when you don’t understand something to put it on the shelf and if you to know of it thing's will become clear one day. Until this day I am left without the reason, I had this to happen to me .Yet I can tell you all that this doesn’t stop here .It was just the beginning of many unexplained thing that has happen to me in which I can give no reason or thought as to why me.

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