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Along with Paranormal Passions (the site you are on now), the few sites listed below focus on connecting singles with a passion for the paranormal, with some sites added for singles interested in the macabre and 'all things horror'. Unfortunately, there are few dating sites (aside from Paranormal Passions) that focus on connecting singles around the general 'like' of the paranormal. We have tried to find the paranormal dating options available online, so check out the sites below to see if one looks like a good fit for you.


Paranormal Dating Site

Find Paranormal Lovers!
If you believe in ghosts and you'd like a partner who also believes in a paranormal related afterlife, then Paranormal Dating Site could be perfect for you. Find other like-minded singles who are likely to own a ouiji board, tarot cards, or at least believe that it is possible to peer beyond the veil of life as we know it. Join for free and begin your search for fellow paranormal loving singles today!

Ghost Chat City

Meet Ghost Loving Singles!
If ghost stories and horror movies are your thing, then you may enjoy Ghost Chat City, where you can meet other paranormal believers. Find other singles who are at least open to the idea that ghosts are real. Join for free today and chat with fellow ghost lovers or at least tell a few ghost stories.

Gothic Match

Online Gothic Social Networking Site for Gothic Singles
One of the first and largest gothic social networks and online dating sites designed specifically to connect gothic men and women. If you have a darker edge and identify as Goth, this could be the site for you.

Vampire Dating Connexion

Meet Vampires! Sign Up and Find Love Tonight!
Whether you are a vampire or you are interested in meeting one for dating or romance, Vampire Dating Connexion has been designed to connect the living and the undead.

Paranormal Date
Find Matches Interested In The Paranormal!
While this site would seem to be a great fit for those interested in the paranormal, we were hesitant to list it here. While the design is fantastic and it says what a paranormal lover would expect to see on a paranormal dating site, the reviews for the site are frightening (and not scary in a good scary way). We have not joined the site though, and we are not here to judge, but we do recommend that anyone considering this site carefully review the online comments easily found via even a casual search. Perhaps this site is perfect for you. Who are we to say. Just double-check the reviews before upgrading to a paid membership to be careful.

Shifter Date
A Very Specific Type Of Paranormal Dating App!
Shifter Date is focused on the concept of shapeshifting. It is most definitely one of the more unique dating sites, even among a unique niche of dating sites. If you find the concept of 'shifting' to be of interest and the site looks compelling, check it out. Perhaps you will find the shapeshifting love of your life!


*Sites listed on this page are a combination of ads, affiliate related Sites and general non-partnership related sites that match the theme of Paranormal Passions.