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ghosts & spiritual
hello there my 1st ghosts/spirit encounter was in summer 1991. Me & my gf that I was living with at time. We were up sitting & talkin in total darkness. We started talkin about my dad-who passed away in 87. Then this brite white object-size of tennis ball came thru a window. It just sat on floor for like 20-30 seconds. We felt relaxed & at peace. I might add that she lost 2 brothers in a sudden car accident in 1990!! Anyway the bright object slowly rised up & floated out our window. My page is on FB!!

Beau Owens-KY Bigfoot haunts
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September 1990 was married for about 18 years. Lived in West Virginia in a small town. Remembering there I was there maybe two years, the house we lived in was three hundred years old, quite a large residence, having 4 levels of floors. It was the biggest for that on the street there. Now divorced from the first ex-wife, we had five children ages 4, 8, 13, and 14 then. During that time in that house we heard noises, footsteps, floor creaking. Felt cold spots. However never did anything happen to us like you see on TV where an "evil" or ghost comes and causes trouble. Whatever was there was real, but left us alone.

One night maybe a year into living there, going to bed, I was the last person up, setting there on the edge of the bed taking my shoes off. I happened to look up. In a hallway was a woman looking at me. She was dressed olden type clothing, real long nice dress, just a guess more than hundred years ago style. Remember it was dark color is all I remember now. Looking directly at me, frozen. She never moved. She was floating off the floor about a foot or less. This was a white woman.

This "entity" just stared at me. She did not look mad, had no expression to say of what I remember but flat. She did not frown, nor did she smile. It was a neutral look of sorts, if anything at all I would guess this thing was curious, and, maybe just wanted me to know a showing of what was there in this residence.

I spoke to it. I said something like, "... so it`s you who are what here." Nothing more than that. I was not afraid, nor had an interest to want to jump up and go to her. After maybe two, three minutes, she made a ninety degree turn, pivoted around facing the hallway to the kitchen. She floated off forwards that direction. Her arms never moved, not her hair, dress nothing. Just a frozen state like a statue made a turn around moved on floating forward.

Never saw "her" again. Just that once. I went on to bed. You see I accept these things in life and that`s somewhat my attitude. I have no idea of what that was. It looked like a woman from long ago. Might be a frozen memory in time, or real, or aliens duping us, even an angel or demon but I doubt that. Don`t know. I only know what I know and saw. I told the family about it. They believed me but didn`t really give it much concern as we had a normal family life to live.

Now guess what? Next night at about the same time. The very next night, I`m there setting on the bed again taking my shoes off, I look up, here`s this man looking at me. Same way the woman was. Frozen did not move. Floating about a foot or less off the floor staring straight at me. He had on what I remember cause it`s been a long time, but remember him wearing like a tuxedo. Looked real nice, combed hair, white shirt, was a white man. He had the neutral look on his face as well. Well guess what I said to that "thing?" Go figure I said, "... so you must be the husband to the other that was here..." Well after maybe two, three minutes again, something different happened. The "guy" disappeared as a series of dots blinking out. Vanished like that. Just blinkity, blinkity, gone.

Never saw "him" again. Told the family about it and same thing, they believed me and not much concern. You see our attitude then or maybe it was just us living, we just lived as a normal family there. Nobody was concerned about, or obsessed with paranormal. We accepted the noises, bangs, crashes, creaks, whatever. Never once did anything happen where stuff was moved. I do remember one or two times something was moved, maybe car keys or something simple like that was found "out of place" to where it was left, but this was rare.

One time I was in the basement, there was this thunderous crash from upstairs sounded as if someone pushed a dresser drawer down the stairs. A really loud sounding. I ran upstairs. The kids came running, everyone in the house came running. I looked all over so did they. Not one thing had been moved. Yet there was that big crash. I searched everywhere so did they. That happened just once too. Most of the "noises" we heard were just footsteps, boards creaking the floor as it was a very, very, old house. The one "cold spot" was in front of the door way going into the bathroom. It was not there all the time. Now and again.

I do not know why or how this happened back 89 or 90. I was the only one who saw this. All of us in the house were aware of the things going on, but for unknown reasons, the children young as they were, were not afraid. It must have been us, mom and dad. If they had saw fear in us, then they might have been afraid. I always taught them to not fear, yet do not ignore. Be aware for there is such thing as something called paranormal, tried to give them a heads up of it, but accept it as a phenomenon of life like you have to eat, sleep, go to school, work, etc. That`s what even the youngest who were not really aware, did.

Do have a theory in a tiny way. The "entities" there knew us to be a good family. Even though there was a rift between the ex and I, myself being a man who tried to stay with myself as a father tried to do that in that family. My ex did the same thing as a mother.

I am a man who never drank alcohol regularly, hardly at all to say the least, don`t like the stuff. Never let S-- rule my life for women. Didn`t run after women nor let life rule my brain like that. Respected my family, children, the world around me. Never was a guy who did drugs either, to me that is artificial joy, not real so stayed away from it.

As a whole I figure our attitude, how we lived, this did not let in an evil, a demonic presence. Kept the door shut. Whatever was there too, respected us, coexisted with us. Left us alone other than the noises happening occurring from the "normal" part for those entities.

Why they showed themselves to me, that "man and woman" I can only guess so`s I`d know something. It must have been "their choice" to do that cause I saw what I saw. I was not afraid when I saw them, nor was the family after I told them what happened. The family carried on like a normal family in a house living like there was nothing going on. Everyone was aware, but not concerned to be obsessed over living with these "ghosts."

This is one thing of a happening to me personally. No one else at the time I was there saw anything. I know the family never mentioned anything to me living there at that residence at that time.

In a world in which nothing, and no one, is as it seems, The Ghost quickly discovers that the past can be deadly—and that history is decided by whoever stays alive to write it. --- iTunes Movie Trailers

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