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quite some time ago I had much more time on my hands to do more paranormal related stuff. so i was watching this thing on tv about different haunted places . I grabbed my camera and took different pics of the places they were showing. when I uploaded them onto my pc later on i was pretty shocked to see I had some strange things going on in them. one especially. now he tv in question was a flat screen, no lines showed up, the place I took pics of was a plantation. it had a place in the groud that had held servants who were being punished. it was litte more than a hole with a lid. i snapped pics of this and when i looked at them, there in the hole were very distinct orbs. these were in the hole, not infront of the tv screen.. anyone ever taken pics this way, of haunted places on tv? i would be really interested in hearing from you!

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Ghost children in church
I was asked to investigate a church that every member there felt the energy of what they called negative and weird. So i walked in and there was only one other person there in the church building with me.
I stood still for a moment to feel the energy as a medium and clairvoyant psychic and then i pointed to this door and said whats beyond those doors, and Judy said "the old chapel". I went in there and Judy followed me, i stood in the middle of the church isle and Judy stood in the doorway, and i swear to God suddenly two rows of ghost children were coming down the isle from Judy to me, they appeared to be about 12 yrs old and there were about 6 children all together, they had on a white church clothes with a hood and they walked right through me without even noticing i was there. I felt ice cold as they walked through me and past me. Then i turned around to see where they went and they were gone.
I ran back to Judy and told her what i had seen and she agreed to the clothes and the morning ritual the children would normally do each week there at that church, every week.
We then walked into another room and there hanging up were the same white hooded clothes i saw the ghost children wear, i then was freaked out and said lets leave now! Judy tried to calm me down by telling me thats the uniforms the children wear ever sunday, and i said you mean just like the ones i saw those ghost children wear.
I told Judy to tell the members what i saw and that the children were stuck there in the church after they had died years ago.
I put down that the negative energy and the ghost children were both residual energy from ongoing events that happened in the churches past.


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