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This was not Boris the Spider

This is a second post of a strange happening to me. A message to another cyber-friend, mentions the happening of the other post I placed here of the event.

dated Sat, 26 Mar 2011 22:15 from email log

----- Was getting some last coffee over at the sink, noticed a small ground spider crawling on floor size of a nickel. Got my bug catcher glass with cardboard paper, put in sink washed spider down sink. I turn around, spider is on floor again. I had that spider in glass, saw it there. Went down sink. Devil's up to it's tricks again. This is not the first time.

I was setting here few months ago, a weird looking small spider was on table here. Got my glass, put over spider, said to myself I'll get to that in a few, finish what I'm doin' on computer. I look over, spider is on a bottle on the table crawling on that. How the hell did it get out?! Noway. Noway could it squeeze under that glass flat as a razor-blade. I get bottle, glass, cardboard, proceed to try to catch the darn thing. It jumps, it jumps off the bottle midair ... AND DISAPPEARS!!!! Yowww! Yikes! Poof! Gone!

Okay I know what this was. Satan. Or a minion. I said the spider looked weird. It did, didn't look like a normal spider I've ever seen. Whatever tried to copy a living thing like that didn't do a good job. Thought I'd not notice aware like I am. That's how the hell it got out from inside that glass. And the same thing for the one on the floor just awhile go. Satan being a nuisance. Just a trickster. No problem. There's no evil here but they'll try anything to be an annoyance sometimes, once in a while.

Another time setting here good grief, a small tiny spider comes down from the ceiling, about the size of little finger nail, it's in front of my face here dangling. That one looked weird too. Looked wrong. Got that put out. Geez. Guess God let's this happen to see if I notice anything, sure enough I did. He got rid of it too, took it away. Just a tiny test of sorts I think, making sure I'm on my toes myself guarded against the devil. Could be test to see how my fear would handle. No fear at all, not afraid of bugs or spiders, things like that. Not afraid of the devil. Have the fear of God yeah, but rock solid against Satan. No fear at all. I have God's power over the Beast. -----

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This was not Boris the Spider

Okay here's one of two happenings to me, strange as they were. This post is part of a message sent to a online cyber-friend. Not the whole thing obviously, just the paranormal parts. I'll post the second in a separate post.

dated Sat, 5 Feb 2011 18:01 hrs. from email log

----- Okay it's three thirty afternoon, Saturday, something strange happened, me being unique anyway. I'm here listening to Beatles on autoqueue on YouTube. Don't usually set it for that, usually do a one by one like a radio DJ, queued up myself page to page,etc.

This has happened before, a spider looking "unusual" jumped off the corner of the monitor here for the computer. An outdoor one. Least styled after that. Size of less than a quarter. Maybe nickel size, coin. Kept an eye on it, got my bug catching glass, put that over it as it ran across table. Noticed it could run up the side of the glass, inside it did this. That was unusual as I know spiders, most if not all, cannot attach to smooth surfaces. The electrostatics of their "feet" is not compatible to smooth surface like glass. Ever see a spider run on water? They get nowhere. Too slippery, non attachment to the water film of surface of the water.

Okay besides noticing the oddity of looks of this arachnid, noticed that and in the glass running up and around inside this glass I have for catching bugs. This was something formed "being a spider." It was not "real." Not a real spider. Something formed as that. My psyche anymore of being so tuned into this "sixth sense" has given me awareness very much tuned into the beyond scratching the surface of worlds outside our senses.

This "spider" was "darkness." Darkness meaning just a label to that trying to be a nuisance to me. Not evil, no not that, but an annoyance. I'm not open to darkness, so I'll not know evil, but they still try to be something real world to form as that to be a nuisance. About all they can do.

This spider was formed as an outdoor one, a summer spider I'll see common during that time. However intelligent and knowing as those formless forms are, beyond, they don't know and remember a form they are not, when there. They rely on memory of what was, as that, time formed that they do form real world. They rely on a collective intelligence known only from the source they are. That source is not update to real world like right now, here, that I exist here. They make mistakes, hopeful that we not notice them with the mistakes they do formed of themselves our real world.

Men In Black UFO folks have noticed this, recorded this to information as much. For example, a supposed intelligence of example being an ET ( extra terrestrial ) posing as a human, setting in a restaurant that's stalking someone, that imposition of character tries to fit in. It might set there eating food, such as a hamburger. It might take the pepper container on the table, open it, dump all the pepper onto the hamburger, then proceed to eat that. Seeings like this stand out, folks who don't know would see this as a person something mentally wrong with them. Something like that.

The ET concern relies on this mischaracterization. That "intelligence" posed, hoping our real world, the people, whatever do not notice it, besides the purpose behind that posed character. ET's are another concern.

This spider was not an ET, it's another form unknown I don't know, but is connected in ignorance to darkness, so are ET's/aliens, spirit beings maybe of that doing their jobs, whether by their choices, and/or following a duty.

Well guess what happened? The darn thing "disappeared." I had the glass setting here on the table, it was solid on the table, no surface space to crawl out. Some spiders like an octopus can compress very good since an octopus is very malleable to flex much like fluid, can get into and through very slim to narrow places. A spider is no way with an outer shell surface to do that, not like an aquatic lifeform.

Okay, picked up the glass, no spider. Where'd it go? Next thing I know it's on the white Malibu rum bottle crawling around. Okay, stop what I'm doin, procede to get it. Pick up bottle, darn thing jumps off, poof! Gone. Anybody else would do double and triple takes to what the hell happened here. I know what's going on. Whatever this was, was trying to be an annoyance to me. I'm trying to set here, use this computer to joy with music, it's being a nuisance to me. Interfere with me. Stop me from joy. That's it's purpose. It's job. Like a tiny little poltergeist.

Okay after this second attempt to get rid of spider the first time, I called on the spirits. The good ones with job purpose to help. Simply asked, by verbal saying please just help me. It's like a prayer. Just said can you take care of this, get rid of this spider. They did. Spider has not been seen since. They cannot destroy, hurt, the good spirits, what they probably did was, took that form, the spider it was, which poof'd into it's real spirit form and went wherever. The good spirits found that, spider or not, for it could have reformed again somewhere around here to try still to be an annoyance to me, took it moved it to elsewhere to not allow that particular spirit form to come back here to bother me. Another can come, but not the one that was here. Not allowed, not for now anyway.

I'll not be bothered while I'm here, since I called on the spirits, because we both know, at least I'm aware, just aware is all, I don't know what that spirit form was formed as such to a spider, but the good spirits will keep check now that I'm not bothered rest of day for the time I'm here. They'll look out for that and me. -----

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