I heard it loud and clear!
Let me just say this first. I sure some of you won"t believe a word I say, and that understand'a-ble, You see I also had to come to turns with what happen to me that day.James now my ex,had left to go to work and the kid's was at mother .This was My off day so I was determined to spend it in bed.Well while laying there faceing the door. Behind me I heard a loud but strong voice.saying Sharon. James is going too call you, and tell you that you won the lottery.and the phone is about to ring.Let me tell you I didn't move nor did I look behind me because I thought I was dreaming, at the least. Until the phone rang . I pick the phone up and said, Hello James I know you are about to tell me I won the lottery . He then say to me ok but how did you know?. I sat up and told him because The person behind me told me so. Well no need to say what happen next, all you need to know is that it took me less then two min. I was dress and out the door. Upon going back to my place. I was never going to be alone any more .When they left so did I until we move. The number that I won own that day was 213 for 40 dollar's.

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