UFOs & Angels
:shock: Well last Nov.2013 just me & my brother went out on a haunt. We set up a stake out camp/which means we set up a campfire with some food around. Then we go & hide in the woods about 1\2 mile away
To wait -watch. This night earlier we saw this tower of red lights on the ground thru the trees about 2miles away. We was walkin & watchin camp area. Then we saw a huge glow of light all in camp area. Well we didnt see nothin else that night. oh yeah we did hear a tree knock same night. So we left & came to town 50 miles away. Next day I saw what the thermal camera picked up. There are several brite neon crosses just floating in mid air. Then they changed shaped into ETs of light. With long necks & huge heads!! I must say that this race of ETs are NOT THE GRAYS!! They are called the SIs/space Intelligence & they work with GOD.

Beau Owens-KY Bigfoot haunts
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