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hello Im new to this site!! In 2012 me along with my brother & his19 yr old son/nephew. Went to this isolated area 1hr from Richmond-town we live in. It was just after dark in JULY. We had a bg campfire going. So I saw a pair of yellowish-green eyes. I shined my light-no more than 10 yards along tree line. Well we saw this teen/youngling squatch sitting at base of tree. It had black hair with silver on top of its bullet shaped head It had long wirey arms. We saw evrey inch in detail it was male. He raised his arm being very relaxed. In front of his eyes. So we turned out our 3 flashlites no more than 15 seconds. And poof!! It vanished without a sound or trace. So we are jumpin up & down after it sank in to what we had just seen. Then suddenly w heard these very rappit chest thumps!! So we knew the guardian adult was there down a slope just beyond tree line inside of 10-15yards. Now were on an old abandoned loggin road. Only 1 way in u have to turn around to leave. So me & my nephew ran in our squatch wagon. While my bro Ted tried to communicate. Well thumping stopped so we slowly got outta van. Then it gave out 1 woop with faster thumps so we threw our gear in van. As I was backin down old path/road to turn around it gave out a loud roar. like a lion!!!

Beau Owens-KY Bigfoot haunts
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Mothman etc...,
Does anybody around here believe in the mothman or of that one TV thing or movie the Mothman Prophecies?? I don't really because I haven't seen it but I have heard stories of something crossing my friends grandmas' path when she was headed out of town I believe. Its also the location where for awhile now that stretch of road has met with a lot of accidents, before they widened it and made a two way going and coming. Less accidents but still weird things have been happening. Two different incidents with my family members one saying they saw a scary on that same stretch of road (he was maybe about four or 5 at the time) and another where some cousins saw what looked like a skeleton land on my cousins car. Still don't know what it could all mean and hopefully that road isn't cursed or haunted. Won't mention that stretch of road unless people ask.....

Also wondering has anybody ever heard the story about Spring Heeled Jack?? Let me know.....

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