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Paranormal Passions Members

  • tailypo
  • 67 years old | Louisville, KY, USA

  • patshark
  • 75 years old | League City, TX, USA

  • awakened1
  • Awakened1 Lets face it most people CANNOT handle the TRUTH! People are so PROGRAMMED by the MASS MEDIA/GOVERNMENT that even if the truth was to HIT them directly in the face they STILL would have doubts. This stem from FEAR! They're playing God with our lives & they're laughing at us (HAARP)because the ILLUMINATI have all the CONTROL. Look at such buffoonery with the 'Northern Lights' & yet the...
  • 49 years old | Marietta, GA, USA

  • raell777
  • hey ;)
  • I used to be a member of a paranormal ghost hunting group and I love anything paranormal !
  • 48 years old | A Country Place, VA, USA

  • kay1960
  • ARE YOU THE REAL DEAL? Tall, rubinesque red head, pretty simple, widowed for 12 years and think im ready to start living again. I am seeking my true soulmate,not looking for one night stand or friends with benefits. so if you are not serious please don't contact me. I have a good heart, giving nature, an believe in being true to that one person. I alsoo understand that it takes who you were and al...
  • 59 years old | New Orleans, LA, USA

  • xxxdovexxx
  • Just here for friends Happy in a relationship with the man of my dreams .... just here to pass the time till he finally is here in my life. talking to my friends and nothing more. If you require more then you need to move on.
  • 31 years old | Australian Capital Territory, Australia

  • lucien
  • Ghosts, Spiritual Energies I love the Paranormal. Spiritual beings that roam earth.
  • 25 years old | Detroit, MI, USA

  • silver
  • 72 years old | Richmond, VA, USA

  • wisekitty
  • I have been interested in the paranormal and metaphysical world all of my life. I am in a UFO group and a ghost hunting group. I am not a wiccan, pagan or witch. A regular dating site is not going to talk about these topics, just how much they like to fish or golf. LOL. Giving this a try.
  • 60 years old | Plymouth, United States

  • naughty726
  • 30 years old | Phoenix, AZ, USA

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